Drive With JoeyCo

We deliver a stable job with flexibility...
and you deliver the orders!

Why JoeyCo?

Join a supportive community of independent riders and enjoy flexible hours & competitive earnings:


  • Find the contract type that fits your lifestyle.
  • And work the shifts that suit you best.

The good life

  • The more orders you deliver, the bigger your bonus!
  • You’ll receive your tips as part of your payslip.

Hassle-free process

  • Quick, easy and hassle-free application process
  • And work the shifts that suit you best.

Mid Mile Delivery

Are You Travelling With Empty Space In Your Vehicle?

Earn money by picking our order and drop to our micro-hub

Earn money by utilizing empty space in your Vehicle,you can simply pick our orders and drop them at oour micro-hub.

Become A Joey

What you'll need to become a Joey?

  • Scooter, bike or car (with licence and insurance)
  • Safety equipment (e.g. helmet)
  • Smartphone with iOS 12 / Android 6 or above
  • Proof of your right to work self-employed in the Canada
  • Age 18+

Hassle-free Application Process

Sign up
Signup as Joey using our mobile app or website and verify your email address
Online application
Next step is to fill your online application and submit for approval
Recruiter verification
One our professional recruiter will contact you for basic verification.
Quiz & Test
Watch our helpful tutorials and pass the easy quiz test
You’re done
Its your first day to explore your city, get ready to take your first order.

What our Joeys Say about JoeyCo

It's the first job I really enjoy. I feel free when I work outside. What I enjoy the most about working for Joeyco is the flexibility and the lovely community.

Emily K. Nye Joey

Still Confused?

Are you still have some questions? please feel free to visit your personalized list of FAQs, hope it will resolve your question

Visit our FAQs

Become A Joey

Are you ready to join our joys community? Lets take your first step and sign up and complete our online application.

Become A Joey